3 Design Tips For A Perfect Logo


Graphic designers handle many things and among these are logos for companies. As a graphic designer you need to be very creative and competitive to make sure that you meet with every one of your client’s needs as far as the company logo designing goes. As a client, you also should have an idea of how you want the logo to be so that you make it easier for the designer to come up with creative ideas that are easy to implement. Here are some helpful tips for designers who want to have an easy time creating the logos and satisfying the needs of the clients at the end of the process.

  1. Understand the logo first

A company logo is not just a mark, but a representation of a commercial brand using color, fonts, shapes and images. It represents something and it therefore should be inspiring and successful in conveying the intended message. To have a successful design process, take the time to know what the company is all about and the exact expectations the client has in terms of the message that should be clearly represented by the logo. When you take time to understand the logo before anything else, then you are better places to create a product that will make the company or business justice.

  1. Stick to logo design rules and principles

So now that it is clear to you what the logo should be all about and the expectations that the client has, it is time to get down to business. The very first thing you want to do is to remember the rules and principles of designing a logo. In essence, a good logo should be memorable, descriptive, scalable and effective even without color. When you stick to these rules, you sure will have an easier time creating a design that is perfect in passing the intended message and one that will serve the company for a long time to come without any need to make logo changes. Remember that customers tend to relate to the companies using logos and you do not want to create something that is not effective enough because frequent logo changes can get confusing to the customers.

  1. Establish a logo design process, you can work with

With client needs and principles and rules handy, then you can start working on the design. To make sure that you have a swift process, creating the design, try as much as possible to come up with a design process to guide you. A plan ensures that you put your time to good use and you are also able to track progress successfully. You can come with a process that is unique to you and the one you feel will give you an easy guide, but a good process should be made of brainstorming and research, design briefing, prototyping reviewing by the client and revising and finishing. You just need to split the process into stages that offer the best guidance.




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