3 Simple Tips To Make Your Fonts More Legible


It can be very tricky to select a typeface considering that there is an inexhaustible options supply that can leave you very confused. However, when you pay attention to aspects that matter the most when it comes to the font design then you are highly likely to make the right choices. Legibility is one of the most important factors you want to consider when selecting your font design.

Legibility refers to typefaces design as far as stroke width goes whether it has serifs or not. Legible typeface makes it easy for you to differentiate between a letterform and another. Typefaces that are commonly used for newspapers or even novels tend to be highly legible compared to decorative typefaces that primarily target instant glances and not necessarily lengthy reads. You should ensure that the font design works for your design needs depending on the function of your text. Below are three tips that can help you achieve great legibility with your font design.

Tip 1 – Choose conventional letterforms

Typefaces that have conventional letterforms ensure that the readers take in the intended message without having to process what exactly is in front of them as it is the case with letterforms composed of artistic deformations, unique shapes and ornamentation that is excessive. Novel design elements will always cost you immediate comprehension and this is slow you down hence the importance of sticking to the conventional letterforms.

Tip 2 – Choose typefaces that offer generous spacing

When the tracking is too tight, then the eye fills visual gaps between shapes in different letterforms hence slowing down time taking to recognize sentence, word and letterform structures. When there is generous spacing it is easier for the eye to proceed fast through the text and get the message. There are so many font designs you can choose from that have enough spacing to make your content a little friendlier to your targeted readers.

Tip  3 – Select fonts that have tall X height

What most people do not know is that shorter x-heights decrease legibility for some letters. When the x-height is more generous, then it is easier to distinguish apertures of lowercase letters that are similar. However, it is also important to remember that the height should not be high; the font  weight, size and even width should be selected according to x-height of font. It helps to remember that large x-height really only helps few letters whereas some letters will suffer from the larger height such as characters that have diacritical marks and are descending.

Font design is not as easy as it may seem. So many factors need to be considered and put into perspective for the best results to be achieved. If you are not very sure of how you should go about making your fonts legible, then you can use a professional font designer to help you through the process. The designers are experienced and will manage to help you select the typefaces according to the objectives you have with your message.


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