Adobe Photoshop Design Tips That Will Improve Your Skills


Adobe Photoshop remains to be powerful software for majority of designers probably because of how flexible and versatile it is. There are so many things you can achieve using the software as long as you are open to learning a few basics and being open enough to experiment and see what it can do for you. You can use a few helpful tips to improve productivity when using the software and to also sharpen your skills for better results every time.

  • Enable layer visibility history so you do not lose it when previewing your layers individually. This can easily be done from the History Panel option so that you are able to step backwards through the history when the need arises.
  • Make sure your files remain properly organized. This is especially important if you will need to hand the work you are dealing with to other people. You want to make it easy for them to decipher what is going on and being sloppy in how you organize and manage the files will not do you any good.
  • Use the brush to draw your dotted lines for a neat outcome. Most designers use the brush tool only when drawing straight lines but you can still manage to draw dotted lines in place of the solid ones by opening the brush panel and setting the spacing to make it possible.
  • Merge the vector shapes so that you have an editable vector as the result. This can be done by selecting the two shape layers that you want to merge and then hitting CMD/Ctrl+E on the keyboard.
  • Keep your panels controlled so you have an easier time working on your images on the project. Use the icons on the top right corner to reveal drop down menus that offer additional options you never knew existed. The options make it possible for you to set layer panel thumbnails larger or even crop and many other options. Be experimental and see what you can achieve using the hidden menus.
  • Use the bird’s eye view feature to your advantage. This Adobe Photoshop feature tends to be very helpful with detailed projects such as edge refinement and cloning where you are prone to losing the bigger picture. It also comes in handy when working at high zoom levels where navigating your document can get really tiresome. The feature makes zooming a lot easier by pressing and holding the H key on the keyboard.
  • Set your styles interactively by adding drop shadow layer style for an enhanced experience. shadows can be moved around through clicking and dragging on your canvas for a smoother process. The mouse can be used interactively to move the shadow to layer cast the shadow as preferred.
  • Achieve common tasks by using actions. The ability to record common tasks macros s one of the powerful features you get exposed to when using Adobe Photoshop. It makes it possible for you to automate manipulation work. Use the action panel to access the predefined actions list you can run and use New Button to record your personal action.
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