Designing Your Graphics Like A Pro


The truth is that graphic designing can be a complex process because you need to know things such as white spaces, alignment and font pairing and scaling. However, even if you are a non-designer interested in doing a little creative work with designs, there are a few things you can pay attention to so that you have results that are professional. Here are some the graphic design elements you should remember to get the best from the efforts you put into the process.


Before diving right into the designing, remember to do as much research as possible. There are so many materials and resources you can read or study to gather the details that you need to fetch good results. Get the information and your facts right so that you give every effort into achieving a product that is well thought out.


If you are not sure where to start, you can get some inspiration from the internet when you can find designs you might love. You can also use the social stream to get some inspiration. You can imitate or replicate what you love but then ensure that you replace general layout, photo filters and type with your very own unique content. Important to remember is everyone does make mistakes and therefore you should not be afraid of trials and errors because they are learning steps and will push you to your limits to achieve the best.


They are some of the most important elements you just can’t ignore. Create impact and drama at the same time by choosing graphics that are attention grabbing. Choose colors carefully so they do not breed. You should choose hues that are contrasting to get a better outcome with the graphics. Let them be bright, but comfortable to the eye.


Even though sometimes going against graphic design trends can be the best way to set you apart, you are still better placed when you are conscious about current events and trends. A mind that is fresh with the current events influences how you work and what you achieve. Follow the happenings on social networks or reading papers and magazines as a simple way of getting vital information to update your general knowledge levels. But do not be afraid to be creative and think outside the box because it gives you some originality.

White space

A fluid design is a design that allows elements in your presentation breathe. Use white spaces around images, text boxes and any other graphic features that could be present so it is easier to read and to also attract attention. A cluttered composition will do very little in achieving the impact you want to achieve.


It is among the imperative parts of design and you can use photo filters to make enhancements to the negative and positive spaces in the image. Design copy or test that is white or black creates optimum contrast against your background image. Play around with the contrast until you achieve the most suitable.


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