Graphic Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Graphic designers have endless opportunities today as more and more areas rely on the designing to pass the right message to the right people. Apart from working for well established companies and organizations as in-house designer, you can also start your very own business and extend your services to different clients. Learning a new trade can however be a challenge and just like any other worker, you could end up making mistakes and learning from them. However, there are mistakes you can easily make when designing to keep backtracking on your progress on the lower side, even when you are just starting in the trade.

Mistake 1 – Misunderstanding visual hierarchy

This is the order through which the viewers interpret or digest the information that you provide for them on a page. There is always a need to give design elements priority so that you are able to pass the intended message easily and clearly to the viewers. To avoid this mistake you can try a few things such as keeping the call to action large enough to be noticeable and using white space strategically so that the most important content or information remains easily digestible for the viewers. Think of what gets noticed first.

Mistake 2 – Products that are not polished

What you should always remember is that graphic design is naturally visual and you should therefore have the right font to achieve a successful design. Unpolished products such as design documents that have text or graphics that are not well aligned to the general grid structure cause distractions to the targeted viewers. It is a simple mistake that can be avoided by simply adhering to the grid layouts to create a product that is well-thought out and polished for that matter.

Mistake 3 – Over designing

Creativity is important when designing but when you are too creative, then you are likely to get confused and end up overdesigning your product or document. There are so many elements you can apply to your design using different design tools, but it does not really means you should use every one of those elements. You might have a large space available, but do not end up using up all the space; instead create just enough so there is some space left in the design to breathe. When you have too much going on, your design ends up looking too busy and chances are that most people will go over it and not obtain anything much. Try and remain clear and precise with every element you choose to use in the design.

Mistake 4 – Disorganization

It can be a costly mistake because it ends up confusing everyone and your design ends up looking very unprofessional. Clients also want something organized and when you are disorganized you could end up ruining potential long term working relationships. Polish every element and keep all files easily accessible and organized for the end users. You can get organized by naming layers and taking advantage of folders and groups and naming them accordingly.

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