Graphic Designs Tips That Will Help You Achieve Better Results


Whether creating graphics for an event invitation card or for social media purposes, the effort you put into the process will definitely determine the end results that you get. Graphic design is versatile and vast but you must also know how to handle the different features so you can come up with something creative even without necessarily being a professional designer.

  1. Find a clever way of handling your colors

For the sake of consistency, you can use different tones belonging to the same hue. For fine typefaces choose stronger distinction against a colored background to increase clarity of the typefaces so they are easier to read.

  1. Keep everything clear, crisp and clean

You can easily do this by making adjustments to the brightness of your image on the background so that the color of the text is offset. When you play around with the contrast, you ensure that the design remains clear and easy to read. You can apply black and white text over image top to create a strong enough cut-out effect.

  1. Let there be order with your alignment

If you are looking to create great symmetry within the designs, try and apply an embellishment of a line. A line can easily mimic a margin and this helps in enhancing uniformity for the text.

  1. Pay attention to the fonts

The fonts make the highlight of the content that you include in your graphics. Typefaces that have rounded edges seem to be a lot friendlier to the eyes, whereas geometric hard edged ones tend to be strong and solid. Try as much as possible to choose fonts that represent your content in the best way possible.

  1. Try multi page duplication

One of the best ways through which you can ensure that your presentation or document remains aesthetic is by duplicating the pages and by going back to editing and replacing images to suit your needs. It maintains consistency and eases your page creation process.

  1. Keep the design as simple as possible

Keeping it simple should not be taken to mean forgetting the design basics. Remember to combine contrasting tone colors so that the text is easily readable and remains sharp. You can choose a solid frame for the copy so that your compositional structure of the design is enhanced.

  1. Don’t forget originality and creativity

They should go hand in hand to fetch you desired results. Go against the norm and select filters and typefaces that others don’t seem to use and try coming up with designs that effectively correspond with a style that is unique to you compared to going with the trends. When you are original and creative, you are sure to leave a stamp on the work.

  1. Remember the rest of the elements

The secret hers is to ensure that you balance out your spaces so that everything looks organized. The appropriate letter spacing can be used to fill any dead space and you can also ensure that your text lines remain well aligned. You can also try tightening up words that seem to take a little too much space. As long as the spacing does not interfere with clear, easy reading then the design should be okay.

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