How To Get A Modern And Clean Website Using Adobe Photoshop


When you have Adobe Photoshop by your side, you have no excuse of having a dull looking website that does not do justice to your brand. This is because the software opens up so many possibilities and there is really nothing you cannot achieve when you take the time to learn the basics and concentrate on what is important in the design you are handling. You can create an elegant, modern and clean website using this popular tool as long as you remember a few important aspects with your design.

Interest – Modern and clean does not mean a boring website or a white plain one for that matter. You must be clever with you textures and the patterns that you choose for the design to stand out and at the same time communicate your brand and your style. You can take advantage of subtle techniques like texture overlay layer effect, adding noise and interface elements to get a unique design that has clear and real elements to be enticing enough to your viewers.

Depth – For real and crisp looking elements, remember to create depth using shadows and light. The shadow effects are applicable to all kinds of text layer, selection or object but you should also make sure that you select a color that matches background; it does not necessarily have to be the default black. You can combine inner shadow effects with light colored or white drop shadow as a way of creating letterpress feel or sunken feel with form field and text. Your site will stand out more when you avoid making all shadows dark.

Detail – Another important  thing you cannot overlook when looking for a modern clean look is the detail in terms or gradient. Gradients play a major role in modern styling and are present in buttons, backgrounds and even shadows and highlights. Use the gradient tool to achieve more detail with the image you are working on. It is a tool that is best suited for lights, radial shadows and backgrounds but it can also the gradient overlay layer can be used when establishing surface textures and styles. It gives subtle dimensions to navigation bars and buttons.

Space – Visual separation of your design elements is achieved by white space without using additional graphics, boxes or lines. It is an important aspect on a modern website and determines the readability and content presentation. You should make sure that you use the white space appropriately so that you get a layout that is elegant and clean. Adobe Photoshop has guides and grids that are helpful in ensuring that you position all elements with precision. Use the guidelines to set margins, paddings and invisible borders so you define the white space.

Perspective – It is a technique many forget in modern designs but when applied to images and elements, you are able to introduce modernism, dimension, interest and depth all at once in your design. You can give perspective to any image or shape you are working on from the Free Transform Path option accessible by right clicking menu and clicking on Warp button found in your tool options bar. Perspective illusion can also be achieved when asymmetrical frame or shapes are created using shadows and gradient appropriately so objects are set apart.


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